Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bob's On The Job Too

I have a three year old daughter. She doesn’t watch much TV, but there are a few PBS shows that are allowed. [Besides this is not a parenting blog.] Among them is Bob the Builder. The other day while I was trying hard to not poke my eyes, we were able to find a new episode. I was a shocked and delighted to find Bob is going sustainable too.

In some of the new[er] episodes, Bob enters a design competition to design a new community in Sunflower Valley. His competitor wanted to build a “noisy city with buildings everywhere”, but Bob wanted to “make a plan for a town that would fit into the environment.” His entry proposes building small scale buildings that fit into the landscape and environment, wind turbines, recycling centers. There is even a straw bale house, a yurt, and a geodesic house that even Bucky would be proud of. In a subsequent episode Bob and his friends salvage a fallen willow and make ladders, furniture, brooms, and a fence from the tree.

I think the key to the green movement is education. I am not suggesting that this is the best method, but if we can get the message to our children we will insure that the next generation will be focused on the possibilities as well. It’s goofy, but remember the shows motto, “Can we fix it?....”
To learn more about Bob’s efforts, here is a link to the Bob’s Big Plan Website,

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Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

I love that the media has taken an interest in sustainability; however, so often it's one show that is directed at "green." It would be great if more shows took on a "Bob the Builder" attitude and made it a way of life...

One great example is on "The Girls Next Door" - yes, I know it is embarassing to watch this show, but it's some easy entertainment for ironing. Anyway, one of the girls bought a Prius and drives it around...a great way to bring sustainability to many episodes of the show without rubbing it in the viewer's face (except on the day she bought the car, of course).

Another great show is "Living with Ed" - although an "in-your-face" sustainability guru show, it shows consistent behaviors and actually doable things.

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