Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Teleporting... the New Green Frontier

I don't know about you, but I'm on the road a lot. And when clients ask me to meet face to face, my first reponse is, when and where? But all this travel can really take away productive working time. Booking flights and hotels, waiting in airports and in taxicabs for an hour meeting. Is it really worth it? Well, maybe the first time, but how many face to face meetings do you really need to get the job done effectively?

I've been working with Sprint of late and they use Cisco's new TelePresence technology (no quite teleporting, but close!) If you haven't seen or experienced it yet, do. You can see every wrinkled brow, every little expression - scary how "in person" it feels. You can meet in several locations (one place each flat screen monitor - I think up to 6). What does this mean for our team? We save dramatically on our carbon footprint and our families are much happier that we don't have to travel more than we do.

I think it's time to ask our teams to think differently about how we collaborate.


Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

TP units aren't cheap, but companies that use them have indicated that the "payback" period (thanks to reduced travel expenses) is typically less than one year. I've heard as little as three months.

marko said...

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