Friday, November 2, 2007

Measuring Your Carbon Footprint

For all of you real estate mangers being asked to respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project, and for those of you who aren't, take a minute and measure your own carbon footprint. It's really helpful for putting everything in perspective. The Carbon Calculator on The Inconvenient Truth website is a good one. It's a fast exercise.

I don't know about you, but I was surprised how travel dramatically affected my footprint. Without it I look really good. The U.S. average is 7.5 tones per year of carbon. Before travel, I'm at a 4.7. I live in a small space with two other people, I share a car with my husband and I walk to work a good deal. But add on travel and I'm at a 8.3!

Most of my travel last year was for work. Though many times its out of my control, I figure it's worth a shot to try and change. For example, I travel from DC to NY several times a year. Turns out I can save over 1 ton a year by taking the train rather than flying. Besides, the train is significantly more pleasant. Also, I'm also starting to change my tune about asking clients to meet virtually. Hey, it can't hurt to ask!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Greenette:
Your carbon footprint looks a lot like mine...and your ways of compensating seem viable (except maybe taking the train from East to West Coast). Commendable, none-the-less!

However, something we all are doing that may be overlooked in this calculation I personally just now discovered. Here is food for thought…...

a)..using a PC consumes as much power as the average citizen of a developing nation.

This statement was made with a calculation offered by a Blog respondent at

b) seems we also use a lot when we "compute" in addition to what we use to "commute"...i.e. for every 1 kwh our IT systems consume, it takes another 1 kwh to cool the offset in temperature (from same blog).

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