Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If not cost, why not green?

If you haven’t already read it, the Building Design + Construction Green Buildings Research White Paper (October 2007) offers a lot of insight into the sustainable design market, both from design services and owners’ perspective.

For instance, despite much data to the contrary, 78% of the AEC service providers surveyed believe incorporating sustainable or green design “adds significantly to first costs” or believe this perception is a barrier.

BUT only 41% of the owners* surveyed agree with this statement.

Even though studies show LEED certification up to Silver level can be done at 0-2% cost premium:

35% of owners are still willing to spend 3-5% more for a green corporate building,
21% are willing to spend 6-10% more,
12% are willing to spend more than 10%,
15% are willing to spend up to 2%.

Only 6% of building owners aren’t willing to pay any additional costs for green building (11% don’t know). Clearly if over 83% of building owners are willing to pay actual or perceived premiums for sustainable building, this dispels the myth that perceived increased first costs are the number one barrier to green building.

I would love to hear thoughts on ACTUAL barriers, whether it is indeed first costs, perception that building performance won’t justify the add’l expense, building codes or zoning issues, lack of experience in design or construction services, lack of access to materials or technologies, etc.


*5000 CoreNet members represent owner’s sample (58% corp. property owners/42% service provider to corp. property owners).

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Green-A said...

An added comment:

We need to know more to do more.

Sustainable design isn’t being taught thoroughly in schools, particularly not in design studios, so the architecture profession needs step up to support continuing education in this field.

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