Saturday, November 10, 2007


I just read about GreenPrint on TreeHugger. Its a software that automatically removes blank pages so you're not printing a bunch of blank ones all the time. Go here for a demo. What a great idea!

You set Greenprint as your default printer and print; highlight the pages or images you want to delete, and then print to your favourite printer. A few extra seconds, a good look at what you are getting and that's it. It even comes with a little meter to tell you how much paper and ink you have saved to make you feel better.

I'm trying the 30 day free trial now. Works like a charm! It's $35 to download permanently and volume discounts offered.

Estimated $90 saved a year on wasted paper.


Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed is the loooong email signatures companies require (name, title, company address, phone, fax, email, website) - frequently the text of this wraps onto another page when printing emails....I wonder what the stat would be if we cut down our signature lines?

Sam Jones said...

Hi leigh,

I would like to tell you that you really doing a great job. People should be made aware of technologies that allows us to support green initiatives.
Great job :)

Sam Jones

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