Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2007: A Green Space Odyssey... Hal at the Desktop

I interviewed Frank Bick with Bick Group a few months ago for about his office in St. Louis. It's LEED Gold Certified and a wonderful example of how users can be engaged in the process of making their space green. The building has sensors that measure temperature, humidity, air quality and light levels at the work surface. Lights are automatically dimmed when the light outside increases. But that's not the cool part! What's really unique here is they created software with "pop ups" that appear on every employee's desktop that say when you might want to close the windows because it's too humid outside or the air quality is too low (they have operable windows). Also, the HVAC system automatically shuts down at 6pm. The software allows users to click on a floor plan (in their section of the building) using the same software and the HVAC automatically stays on for another 2 hours. I think they now sell this software to other companies, leveraging what they learned.

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Green-A said...

Tulane University's college of architecture used to have this technology to inform building occupants when to open and close windows, rely on natural or mechanical ventilation etc. It was a very old building and from what I understand this was a very successful technology for optimizing an older building - which are usually designed to optimize daylight and natural air flow - and still taking advantage of mechanical systems when needed. If you are considering an adaptive re-use project or renovating an older building with existing operable windows, this system is great for maximizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

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