Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting to Work

So you've got to get to work, and working at home is not an option? Here are ways that companies are saving their carbs (that's carbon footprint):

  • Incentives for using electric, hydrogen or hybrid vehicles provided (preferred parking, fueling stations)
  • Disincentives for driving single-occupant vehicles (higher parking fees, unattractive parking options)
  • Incentives for using mass transit provided (reduced fares, shuttles, etc.)
  • Incentives for carpooling (preferred parking, carpool boards, guaranteed ride home, etc.)
  • Provision of facilities for cyclists - parking, showers, changing rooms and lockers
Some real examples:

  • UCLA provides incentives for employees to buy hybrid vehicles
  • NIKE offers TRAC (traveling responsibility – accept the challenge) a program that rewards the employees at its HQ who get to work without guzzling gas
  • Google provides free buses for commuters
Other ideas?


Anonymous said...

my company provides free zipcar accounts so that people who use transit or bike can use cars to get to meetings when necessary. it's a new program, so i'm not sure how well it's used, but still pretty cool!

Kevin said...

If you have suggestions on how to make a mid to large size company offer such incentives, I would be all ears! Despite choosing to take metro every day, I receive no incentive for it and I believe more would do it if it were subsidized.

Anonymous said...

What about those days when traffic is just sooo bad that there's not even a way to get to a transit station. It would be great if companies would provide flex hours to keep employees from sitting in traffic and spewing CO2 and toxins into the environment (along with some four letter words).

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