Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Environmental Incentives: Steal Ideas from Universities

In the hopes of finding my alma mater on the list of top 10 green universities (it isn’t…something to work on), I stumbled onto some interesting sustainable ideas.
· Incentivize environmentally-friendly activities. The winner of an energy-reduction competition won an energy-efficient flat panel TV.
· Use catchy (or scandalous) slogans. Maybe not appropriate in all workplaces (ok, most), but the “I heart slutty paper” campaign to do away with virgin resource paper might work in some environments.
· Give it away. Providing free CFLs : just because they wouldn’t necessarily be used in the office doesn’t mean that their benefit is lost!
Check out the article and see if your school made the list: http://www.alternet.org/environment/67015/

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Kevin said...

When I attended Penn State so many years ago, I could see the foundation being set for a more environmentally friendly campus. I never would have imagined they would reach the top 10 though -- We Are Penn State! Great ideas on simple ways to encourage the average Joe to make a difference. I'd certainly take free CFL's!

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