Friday, November 16, 2007

Carbon Disclosure: Too Much Information?

Is your company thinking about participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)? In case you haven't heard about it, it's quickly becoming the standard for measuring an organization's carbon footprint. It's an intimidating survey and does take some time to complete. However, the investment seems to be paying off for first movers who get on "the list." After all, you can't make things better until you measure where you are today, right?

Participating in the CDP is not the only option though. Many organizations not ready to fully commit are taking baby steps that are commendable. Some organizations have started by publishing a Public Accountability Statement each year that celebrates many of their early wins. This statement tracks improvements every year on items they can control and measure easily. Some of these measurements might include:

  • Update all environmental credit risk standards and procedures
  • Complete a study on the portfolio impacts of climate change
  • Monitor and report on our key environmental performance indicators (paper recycling and purchase, water consumption, CO2 emissions, energy consumption)
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on a strategy to consider biodiversity issues where appropriate

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